The Lil’ Fighters came out of a lil’ metal box in 1999. I’m pretty sure it happened at Mike and Suki’s apartment. I don’t know what happened to those two, they’re probably still making movies. I don’t know what became of that box either.

There are so many musicians in Brooklyn that it’s quite easy to walk down a street and suddenly find oneself involved in some sort of jam session. Noah, Milan and I got together and did a Buddy Holly song and a Velvet Underground song at the Valloween party of 2000, shortly after we came out of that lil’ metal box. After that, songs started pouring out of us. Walter came over and played us his rock opera, “Peter” on the Panther, and we’ve been playing his work since. Brooke would play with us back then too. Now we were officially the Lil' Fighters!

Many great shows were played, including one at the Luna Lounge where we sported customized t-shirts by fashion designer Ben Cho, and a sloppy party at Rubulad where all the young people got wet in a dirty kiddy pool.

It was around this time that we got to go to Marcata and record Boys & Girls. Marcata is Walter’s home when he assumes the form of Uta-Napishti, Wizard of the Outer Realms. Many great musicians were involved in the record, including Enki-Du, the Sumerian demi-god, who was homies back in the day with Uta-Napishti in the Horse-Dick nebula.

Fiveash started playing with us too. He knows more about roots music than anyone I know and consistently comes off looking like a terrific badass whenever his image appears in any type of publication.

New York is the land of change that never changes, and as you know many dark clouds have come and gone overhead. In the meantime we had songs to write. Nicole started coming around to help sing and create party noises, and then a fellow named Jordan, aka Disco. He can play bass and do a kick-flip at the same time.

Walter had become quite busy with fellow Outer Realm inhabitants the Walkmen, so Jordan suggested we call the piano teacher Ms. Manzo to play the Panther. With her help we slew the Giant Albatross and were able to return to Marcata to finish what was to become the Freedom School sessions. Uta-Nipishti was there of course, guiding the faders and compiling the archives. Word was sent out and once again a killer team of musicians descended to aid us.

Since graduating from the Freedom School many of us have left for the Existential Sojourn. Some of those paths lead to Christy&Emily, The Totallys, The Sumerians, and Coke Weed. I continue to work on my thesis on the "Transcendental Waterfall". In my estimation I have given it 10 minutes and 35 seconds of my life about 90 times. I haven’t been at it too long. I also continue to look for that lil’ metal box, something tells me there’s still a beautiful melody left in there.